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Tutor and Demonstrator Development Program

Management of Small Group Teaching and Learning



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The Faculty of Science is committed to providing a high quality learning experience for our students and to supporting all those involved in teaching. The Faculty of Science in collaboration with the Institute for Teaching and Learning has developed a program to help you in your tutoring/demonstrating role. Successful completion of the course will lead to an accreditation certificate. This may form part of your Curriculum Vitae and evidence that your skills of communication, interaction and teaching, as well as your expertise in your discipline area, have been recognised by the Faculty of Science and The University of Sydney Institute for Teaching and Learning.

To be eligible for a Certificate of Completion, you are required to complete the following:

  • Orientation to Tutoring and Demonstrating Workshop: this 2.5 hour interactive workshop will briefly cover general aspects of small group teaching. It will model small group teaching practice and provide an opportunity to discuss teaching techniques.
  • Discipline based training: this is covered by your Schools and includes the administration and content of what you will teach.
  • A short exercise related to teaching situations: we will e-mail you a list of one-line teaching scenarios (in week 6 & 9) and ask you to say in a sentence or two how you might respond to one of the situations. We will put examples of your responses on the web site created for this program so that all can gain from your thoughts/experience.
  • A reflective exercise related to your teaching: at the back of this resource pack we have included a number of ways that you can 'reflect' on your effectiveness in helping students learn. Different ways suit different situations of course but the common theme is to prompt you to consider how students learn and your role in facilitating this. In a survey of this training program at the end of semester we will ask you what reflective process you found useful and why.
  • Head of School/Unit Coordinator approval: this is to ensure that you can handle the content of the material you are presenting and convey it to your students in an appropriate manner.

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