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Chemistry at Australian Universities

Departments and Schools at Australian universities

UniServe Science Chemistry QuicKard
Guide to educational software currently used in teaching Chemistry 1 at Australian universities.

Proceedings of The University of Sydney Chemistry IT Workshop
Chemistry IT Workshop held for the School of Chemistry at The University of Sydney, hosted by the School of Chemistry and UniServe Science.

CAUT Grants in Chemistry

Chemistry Teaching Journals

Chemical Education Journal
Chemical Education Journal is an electronic journal which links WWW-pages on the WWW (World Wide Web). This journal is intended for chemical educators to develop chemical education and education activities, and also to promote the circulation of information about chemical education. It is particularly focused on the Asia Pacific region.

University Chemistry Education
University Chemistry Education is published by the RSC, and covers the teaching of chemistry in higher education.

The Chemical Educator
The Chemical Educator is a peer-reviewed journal for chemical education professionals that is published on the WWW. More information is available online.

Education in Chemistry
Published by the RSC Education in Chemistry is the only magazine in the UK "aimed at teachers of chemistry at all levels", i.e. from secondary school through to university.

Journal of Chemical Education Online
"the online edition of the Journal of Chemical Education. Here you will find information about and material from our traditional publications: the Journal of Chemical Education, our monthly print journal for all teachers of chemistry; JCE Software, our software journal of instructional computer programs and video (on videodisc, videotape, and CD-ROM); and additional resources for chemistry teachers. In addition at JCE Online, you will find nontraditional articles published that comprise what we call JCE Internet."

"This German-language quarterly is directed at those involved in teaching chemistry at schools, colleges, universities and in industry." Published by Wiley - (NB Website has information about the journal only)

Chemistry Education Conference Proceedings

ChemConf - On-Line Conference on Chemical Education
Sponsored by the Division of Chemical Education of the American Chemical Society.

Other Chemistry Teaching Resource Sites

Australian Chemistry Network Teaching Resources
A good collection of resources which is well maintained by Alan Arnold as part of the Australian Chemistry Network (OzChemNet)

Chemistry Teaching Resources
This is an extremely comprehensive collection of chemistry teaching resources maintained by Knut Irgum of Umeå University. The entire collection is also mirrored in Australia at OzChemNet

ChemEd: Chemistry Education Resources
Forms part of SciEd: Science and Mathematics Education Resources at the University of Washington


The University of Liverpool's Links for Chemists
Lists just under 7000 chemistry resources, in 75 categories, many of which are useful educational tools for chemistry teachers and lecturers.

Winchester College's Chemistry in Education Links
This is a UK site that "contains links to web sites that may prove useful to teachers of Chemistry seeking software and background materials".

Chemistry Resources on the Internet

Network for Chemistry Teaching

The Chemistry Place
A commercial site that has a free visitors centre.

UniServe Science Links for Schools

Science Software on the Internet
Lists chemistry, physics and electronics software packages, many of which are useful educational tools for science teachers and lecturers.

Software: Linux4Chemistry
Lists chemistry software packages that run under Linux.

Other Chemistry Education Sites

Physical Sciences LTSN
The Centre provides support for learning, teaching and assessment in chemistry, physics and astronomy to teachers of the physical sciences in UK higher education.

Chemistry Courseware Consortium (UK)

Network for Chemistry Teaching (UK)
(at a University Level)

American Chemical Society Division of Chemical Education (US)

Physical Chemistry On-line: Connections

Chemical Education Division of the RACI

Other Chemistry Sites

Cooperative Research Centres in the Earth and Physical Sciences

International University Chemistry Departments

Chemistry Jobs Vacancies

Royal Australian Chemical Institute
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