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AIP Physics Education Group

The AIP Physics Education Group:

  • comprises a mailing list of people interested in physics education in schools and universities;
  • provides a forum for discussion of educational issues;
  • provides a vehicle for organising OzCUPE.
  • For further information, contact Dr Peter Logan


    The Australian Conference on University Physics Education brings together people from across the country with an interest in physics education within universities. While its primary focus is undergraduate education, it may also explore issues related to the transition from secondary to tertiary education, and aspects of postgraduate education in physics.

    OzCUPE began with a specific focus on Computers in University Physics Education, in the form of conferences OzCUPE1 in 1993 in Sydney, OzCUPE2 in 1995 in Melbourne, OzCUPE3 in 1997 in Brisbane and OzCUPE4 in 1998 in Perth. Since 1998, the OzCUPEs have been linked to the Australian Institute of Physics Congress, and have extended the areas of interest beyond the application of Information Technology within the curriculum, to consider all aspects of tertiary physics education.

    OzCUPE5 is in Adelaide, 10 to 15 December, in association with The 14th National Congress of the Australian Institute of Physics.

    The international keynote speaker is Professor Dean Zollman, Professor of Physics and Distinguished University Teaching Scholar, Kansas State University. He is also head of the Physics Education Research Group at Kansas State University. His plenary lecture has the title "Teaching Quantum Mechanics to Everyone: Can it be done with technology?"

    Abstracts for OzCUPE5 presentations.

    For more information, including registration details, visit http://www.physics.adelaide.edu.au/aip-sa/aip2000/

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