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Since 1995, UniServe Science News has been the vehicle to keep Australian science academics up-to-date with current practice and developments in the use of information technology in university science teaching.

Each issue of UniServe Science News contains:

  • articles on the use of software and the Web in university science teaching, both in Australia and overseas;
  • software and web site reviews;
  • reports on teaching developments incorporating information technology;
  • details of conferences: and
  • information on works in progress.
  • Commencing with the November 2000 issue, refereed articles will be included.

    Academics are invited to submit manuscripts of articles for refereeing.

    Guidelines for refereed papers

    Objectives of the Newsletter

    The main objectives of the Newsletter are to:

    Criteria for refereed papers

    For papers to be considered for refereed publication they must meet the general objectives of the Newsletter, and describe original work or educational research which has not been published elsewhere. Papers which describe innovative teaching materials or techniques are acceptable, provided they do so within an educational research framework. Preference will be given to papers with an interdisciplinary flavour, or whose results can be applied to other disciplines.

    Editorial organisation and reviewing process

    The Executive Editor is appointed by UniServe Science and has final responsibility for all editorial decisions associated with the refereed section of the Newsletter. Associate Editors together with the Executive Editor process all manuscripts which are received, and this group will have the support of an Editorial Advisory Board.

    When a manuscript is received the Editors will first judge whether it meets the above criteria. Manuscripts that are purely descriptive or simply confirm previous work may be published in the non-refereed section of the Newsletter. Authors will be given the opportunity to rewrite their paper if they are judged not to meet the criteria.

    After preliminary review, manuscripts will be sent to two referees. Reviewers are selected based on their specialisations within science and education. If reviewers disagree, the paper will be sent to the Editorial Advisory Board for arbitration. Editorial decisions that result from this process are final.

    If the manuscript is returned for revision the author should reply to the specific recommendations in a covering letter stating how each point has been addressed. If any recommendations have been disregarded the reasons should be given.

    Submission of manuscripts

    Three paper copies should be sent for refereeing to

    The Executive Editor
    UniServe Science
    Carslaw Building (F07)
    The University of Sydney NSW 2006

    The final paper should be sent to PhySciCH@mail.usyd.edu.au in Microsoft Word, as an attachment.

    Presentation of manuscript

    All contributions must be in English.
    A4 paper, double spaced, Times or Times New Roman font, 12 point, margins 3cm wide and pages numbered consecutively.
    References should follow the APA Manual 4th edition.

    The usual length of papers is between 3,500 and 5,000 words. However longer or shorter papers will be considered.

    Layout - first page acts as a cover sheet and should include the title, the names of the authors, and the institutions, address and email.

    The second page should have the title followed by an abstract of up to 200 words. There should be no indication of the names of the author(s) to ensure anonymous refereeing.

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