UniServe Science News - Volume 10, July 1998

UniServe Science News - Volume 10, July 1998

In this issue...

From the Director
Ian Johnston, UniServe Science


Tutoring on the WWW
Nathan Scott and Brian Stone, University of Western Australia
Active Learning with COSE (Creation of Study Environments)
Mark Stiles, Staffordshire University, UK
Learning by Solving Examples Through Data Driven Internet Based Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Ashok Patel, De Montfort University, UK
Practical Ways to Improve Student Learning in Lectures
Marjan Zadnik, Curtin University of Technology

Conference Reports

Ian Johnston, UniServe Science
UniServe Science Workshop: University Science Teaching and the Web
Anne Fernandez, UniServe Science


Organic Chemistry Animated Reaction Mechanisms (ChARMs) Volume 1
Geoffrey Crisp and Simon Pyke, University of South Australia
3D Molecular Models Workshop Student Edition
Geoffrey Crisp and Simon Pyke, University of South Australia
Chemistry Prelabs II
Roy Tasker, University of Western Sydney, Nepean
Electronics Workbench EDA
Peter Lesniewski, University of South Australia

Teaching Development Reports

Interacting With Real-World Physics in a Web-based Learning Environment
Michelle Livett and Jon Pearce, University of Melbourne
An Interactive Multimedia Package to Assist Learning about Genetics and Gene Manipulation
Marjory Martin and Ruth Leslie, Deakin University, Dawn Gleeson, The University of Melbourne and Judith Kinnear, The University of Sydney
The Use of Computers in Teaching the Natural Sciences in Indonesia
R. Soegeng, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Calendar of Events

UniServe Science News Volume 10 July 1998

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