UniServe Science News Volume 11 November 1998

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Computers in Teaching Initiative

The CTI was established in the United Kingdom in 1989 to enhance the quality of teaching and increase the effectiveness of learning in higher education through the use of technology. The CTI has 24 Centres throughout the UK, each specialising in the application of educational technology in a specific subject area.

Active Learning, a refereed journal published by the CTI, includes articles on learning technology across all disciplines, and is published twice yearly. Back issues are freely available on-line. Themes have included: Computer assisted assessment; Using the Internet for teaching; Teaching with multimedia; TLTP: What has been achieved?; Learning technology success stories; Embedding technology into teaching; Teaching in the twenty-first century; Communication and Information Technology: learning outcomes evaluated; and Technologies for lifelong learning.

CTI Biology

Located at The University of Liverpool, CTI Biology covers all aspects of the Biological sciences including Anatomy, Biochemistry and Ecology.

Life Science Educational Computing is published three times a year and includes articles, software reviews and news of conferences and workshops.

CTI Biology conduct an annual conference and an annual virtual conference, Computers in University Biology Education (CUBE). On-line resources include a directory of software, software reviews and the featured web site of the month.

CTI Chemistry

Located at The University of Liverpool, CTI Chemistry is also the home of Chemistry Courseware Consortium.

This Centre produces a journal, Software Reviews and a newsletter, CacheFile, both produced twice a year and available on-line. They also maintain a Catalogue of Chemistry Software for Teaching and have on-line evaluations of web sites relevant to the teaching of Chemistry.

CTI Geography, Geology and Meteorology

Located at the University of Leicester. Geocal is produced twice a year and features articles, reports, news, latest products and Internet resources, courseware reviews, and conference information. Available at the site are Geocal, newsletters, courseware catalogue and a searchable database of software.

The Centre directs a Teaching and Learning Technology Programme producing GeographyCal software and has links to another valuable TLTP product, UKESCC.

CTI Psychology

Located at The University of York, CTI Psychology's web site contains examples of good practice, demonstration software, case studies, numerous links to resources for teaching and learning psychology plus software reviews from their publication, Psychology Software News. The CTI Directory of Psychology Software can also be browsed or searched on-line.

CTI Centre for Land Use and Environmental Sciences

Located at the University of Aberdeen, CTI-CLUES produces a regular newsletter which highlights topical themes. It contains articles, reviews and case studies.

On-line resources include a directory of computer based learning in land use and environmental sciences.

CTI Mathematics

Located at The University of Birmingham, CTI Mathematics produces a quarterly newsletter in collaboration with CTI Statistics, called Maths&Stats.

On-line resources include a comprehensive web site with gateways to many Internet resources, an electronic version of the newsletter including all reviews, FTP server of downloadable software and an email discussion list.

CTI Physics

Based at the University of Surrey, CTI Physics produces a regular newsletter, Computers in Physics Education, which contains software reviews and articles. Archival copies are available on-line. Guide to computer resources for teaching physics is also available on-line.

CTI Computing

Located at the University of Ulster at Jordanstown, CTI Computing hosts an annual conference. It publishes NewsSheet, the newsletter, Monitor and the conference proceedings. The Centre also maintains a directory of courseware and hosts an email discussion list.

CTI Statistics

Located at the University of Glasgow, CTI Statistics produces a quarterly newsletter in collaboration with CTI Mathematics, called Maths&Stats. It contains articles and software reviews. The articles and software reviews are also available on-line. A list of relevant software is also included on the site.

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UniServe Science News Volume 11 November 1998

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