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GEOSKILLS: An Introduction to Spatial Data

Alan Jones
School of Human and Environmental Studies, University of New England

Geoskills is a computer aided learning package designed to give earth scientists a better appreciation on how spatial data are collected and used and some of the assumptions made along the way. It is hoped that geographers, geologists, planners, anyone who handles spatial data will find Geoskills useful.

The CD opens with a brief introduction illustrating how spatial data might be used in monitoring and managing floods. There are 6 main modules, the first of which deals with the ways in which we model the Earth, covering topics such as the size and shape of the Earth, map projections and coordinate systems.

The second module gives a brief overview of methods of collecting spatial data using conventional surveying, photogrammetric and global positioning systems. The third module covers cartographic problems with an emphasis on the problems of scale and symbolisation. The fourth module is concerned with how the third dimension of elevation is modelled. An introduction to Geographic Information Systems is the subject of the fifth module and the final module covers remote sensing, including an introduction to satellite remote sensing and digital image processing.

The CD includes animations, interactive exercises and a workbook in Adobe Acrobat format on the CD. A sample of some of the Geoskills modules may be found by going to my home page at http://www.une.edu.au/ajones/ajones.htm At this stage negotiations are under way for publication of the CD. If you would like to know more please email me at ajones@metz.une.edu.au

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UniServe Science News Volume 12 March 1999

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