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Web Tools

As more teaching goes on-line, educators need to be aware of the tools available. This page lists those software packages and Internet services that have been highlighted in recent conferences and articles. It is by no means a complete list but may be of assistance if you are searching for the right tool. We would welcome comments about how you may have used any of these tools or details of any additional Internet tools that you have experience with.


TopClass is a management tool for web-based education and training. Features include course development and delivery, communication, assessment and reporting.


WebCT is a tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated WWW-based educational environments. Features include course development and delivery, communication, assessment and reporting.


LearningSpace facilitates the creation of a distributed learning environment. Features include course development and delivery, communication, assessment and reporting.


WebMentor is a development, delivery and management tool.

Web Course in a Box (WCB)

Web Course in a Box (WCB) is a course management system that allows instructors to easily develop and deliver instructional materials via the web.

Convene Learning internet Platform (CLiP)

Features include on-line course registration, interactive on-line testing, audio and video conferencing, student lounge and real-time chat.

FirstClass Collaborative Classroom

FirstClass Collaborative Classroom is a package that includes email, electronic communication and collaboration products.

Question Designer, Dazzler and Question Mark Perception

QMark Systems supply authoring software for the creation of multimedia presentations and the delivery and analysis of tests, quizzes and surveys. Products include Question Designer, Dazzler and Question Mark Perception.

Classroom, CourseInfo and Campus

Blackboard offers a variety of solutions depending on your needs through their packages Classroom, CourseInfo and Campus.


WebMCQ is a service that provides an easy way to create and publish quizzes or surveys on the web.


QuestionMark is a powerful tool for computerizing quizzes, tests, assessments and surveys.


WebTest can be used to create an interactive testing, tutorial or survey environment.


InterBook is an adaptive tutoring system that simplifies the development of adaptive electronic textbooks on the web.

PAT Online

PAT Online is an adaptive tutoring system.


WebTeach is a web-based communication package that caters for discussion, brainstorming, class quizzes and task setting.


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UniServe Science News Volume 12 March 1999

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