UniServe Science News Volume 13 July 1999


The Fifth Australian World Wide Web Conference, AusWeb99 and Best of AusWeb99 Roadshow

Kaye Placing
UniServe Science

The Fifth Australian World Wide Web Conference, AusWeb99 was held from the 17th - 20th April in Ballina, NSW. Keynote speakers for the conference included Robert Cailliau (CERN, Switzerland), Bebo White (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Stanford University), Lee Gilbert (Nanyang Business School, Singapore), Steve Chazin (Apple Consortium Manager for North America) and Carmel McNaught (Learning Technologies Unit, RMIT University). Proceedings of the conference are available on-line from

As the main conference was fully subscribed at least two months prior to the event, the AusWeb99 Roadshow was launched. Local organisers provided interested people in the capital cities with an opportunity to attend a one day workshop featuring the best of AusWeb99 taking advantage of the presence of overseas speakers. The Roadshow visited Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in the week following the main conference.

The Sydney Roadshow was held at The University of Sydney and organised by UniServe Science in association with Allan Ellis (Southern Cross University) and AusWeb99. Presenters included Bebo White (who delivered an entertaining and thought provoking keynote address entitled "The Evolving Role of the Webmaster") and local presenters: Igor Hawryszkiewycz (UTS); David Lowe (UTS); and John Eklund (Access Australia CMC). Afternoon workshops were conducted by Bebo White, Rik Hall (University of New Brunswick) and Jeni Li (Arizona State University).

It is hoped that the Roadshow becomes a regular feature of the AusWeb Annual Conference.

The AusWeb team are seeking ideas for the staging of AusWeb2K (check the web site at

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UniServe Science News Volume 13 July 1999

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