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Virtual Science

In the current environment of declining resources, increasing student numbers and increasing demands on the time of both students and academics, the Internet offers an exciting alternative to traditional science teaching and learning.

The following list contains examples of the types of interactive science teaching resources available on the web. Although the list is by no means complete, an attempt has been made to include a variety of activities, representing as many disciplines as possible and to include Australian examples where they were available. If you are using any of these resources or have found more appropriate resources, we welcome your comments. If you are interested in evaluating any of these web sites, please contact UniServe Science.

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips: Creating Student Perspective for Online Earth Science Education

An Interglacial estuarine deposit at Largs, New South Wales, Australia

Glacial Geology at University of Cincinnati

Plant collecting in Western New South Wales

Fossil Forest near Lulworth Cove, southern England

Intertidal Zone Field Trip

Physical Geology Virtual Field Trips (Big Bend National Park and Texas Hill Country)

Virtual Laboratories

Virtual Flylab

Virtual Dating

The Internet Psychology Laboratory

Physics 2000 Applets

The Virtual Laboratory (mainly physics)

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics

Electrophoresis Simulation Site

Interactive Biochemistry http://cti.itc.Virginia.EDU/~cmg/

SkyView - Virtual Telescope

Real World Data

Modern and Fossil Pollen Data at the NOAA Paleoclimatology Program

El Niņo Theme Page

Bureau of Meteorology - temperatures, rainfall, satellite maps

Update on Current Volcanic Activity

Weather Climate and Drought - Vegetation greenness change maps - based on satellite imagery - show the relative change in the density of vegetation

Data Sets from Statistics at UCLA

International Data Base at the US Census Bureau

Case Studies

Case Studies in Science

Case Studies from Statistics at UCLA

Your Genes, Your Choice

Energy and the Environment

Science in the News

Chance and Data in the News

Nova - Science in the News

In the news

Science News (Excite)

NASA Science News

Real World Problems and Experiences

Virtual Workshop - Transport of East Asian Dust Pall Across the Pacific

Science in the Courtroom

Toxic Legacy - Hazardous Waste and the Lessons of Woburn, Massachusetts

Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre

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UniServe Science News Volume 13 July 1999

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