UniServe Science News - Volume 14, November 1999

UniServe Science News - Volume 14, November 1999

In this issue...

From the Director
Ian Johnston, UniServe Science


Learning Chemistry through Design and Construction
Loretta L. Jones, University of Northern Colorado, USA
Is there life after the CTIs?
Mary Peat and Gill Butland, University of Bristol, UK

Conference Reports

Education: Weather, Ocean, Climate
Mick Pope, Bureau of Meteorology
Mary Peat, UniServe Science
Mary Peat, UniServe Science
Teaching and Learning Conferences: Northumbria Assessment Conference and Improving Student Learning Conference
Mary Peat, UniServe Science
Australian Psychological Society Conference: Exploring Human Nature, 1999
Anne Fernandez, UniServe Science


Plant Structure: The structural basis of plant function
Martin Witchard, The University of Queensland
The Chemistry of Life
Ian Smissen, Deakin University
Saleh A. Wasimi, Central Queensland University
Simulated Evolution
Wendy Wright, Monash University
Human Biochemistry
Gareth Denyer, The University of Sydney
BCHM2001 (Genes and Proteins) and BCHM2002 (Molecules, Metabolism and Cells)
Joanne Beaver, University of Canberra

Teaching Development Reports

Understanding Map Projections
William Cartwright, RMIT University
Interactive Learning Engines for Fundamental Electromagnetics
Robert Lord, RMIT University
Sample Calculus over the Web
Walter G. Spunde, University of Southern Queensland
Using the Discus Discussion Forum System in Problem-based Learning in Science
Mark Selby and Darren Pearce, Queensland University of Technology


Virtual Field Botany at the University of Tasmania
Robert Wiltshire, University of Tasmania
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UniServe Science News Volume 14 November 1999

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