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Professional Associations

An increasing number of professional associations have established education and teaching sub-committees or special interest groups. This page notes some of the relevant professional associations and their activities.


Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Inc. (ASBMB)

Biochemical Education Special Interest Group

Publication: Australian Biochemist which includes articles on biochemistry teaching published four times a year.

Conference: held annually and includes a 1.5 hour Biochemistry Education symposium concurrent with other streams.


The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI)

Chemical Education Division

Publication: Chemeda: Australian Journal of Chemical Education aimed at enhancing Chemistry teaching at all levels is published twice a year plus regular newsletters are available on-line.

Conference: held every four years and includes a full education strand.


Geological Society of Australia Inc

Specialist Group in Geological Education

Publications: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences (AJES), The Australian Geologist (TAG) and a specialist education newsletter, GeoEd News, 1 or 2 copies per year, available by subscription from

Conference: Australian Geological Convention held biennially with an education or communication strand.


Australian Institute of Physics (AIP)

State branches have Education Sub-committees.

Publication: Physicist

Conference: OzCUPE - Australian Computers in University Physics Education Conference is held in association with the biennial conference, next meeting will be in Adelaide in 2000.


Australian Society for Microbiology

Education Special Group (EDSIG)

Publication: newsletter at least twice a year. Also Microbiology Australia is an excellent teaching aide.

Conference: held annually with a special strand organised by EDSIG.


Australian Psychological Society Ltd (APS)

APS Division of Research and Teaching (DRAT) with a Teaching Sub-committee

Publication: DRAT Newsletter distributed biannually to all DRAT members.

Conference: held annually includes DRAT sponsored sessions.


Astronomical Society of Australia

ASA Education Sub-committee


The Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG)

Conference: semi regular conference includes a special education session Geography in Higher Education.

Computer Science

Australian Computer Society

ACS National Computer Education Committee


Australian Mathematical Society

Publication: Australian Mathematical Society Gazette

Teaching Modules on-line:


International Association for Statistical Education

Conference: ICOTS-6 International Conference on Teaching Statistics

Mapping Science

Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia

Education Program

Publication: Journal Cartography is published twice a year.

Conference: biennial conference often includes an education strand.

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UniServe Science News Volume 14 November 1999

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