UniServe Science News Volume 15 March 2000


Chemical Education into the New Millennium

Greg Klease
Chairman, RACI Chemical Education Division


David Druskovich
Secretary, RACI Chemical Education Division

The Chemical Education Division participated in the 11th Royal Australian Chemical Institute Convention held in Canberra in February 2000. The Convention theme was "Chemistry into the New Millennium" and the meeting addressed the future of research and teaching in Chemistry.

Most Divisions of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute participated in the Convention, which included some Convention Plenary lectures as well as a number of joint Divisional sessions. Chemical Education ran a full programme, with a different theme on each day. The themes were:

  • Green Chemistry;
  • Flexible Delivery of Chemistry Programmes;
  • Chemistry Olympiad in the New Millennium; and
  • Chemical Education in the New Millennium.
  • The Chemical Education Division and the Environment Division held a very successful joint symposium on the emerging area of Green Chemistry. In addition, a joint Physical Chemistry/Chemical Education workshop on "The Advancement of the Australian Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum" was conducted. This workshop was the first meeting of representatives from over 30 Australian universities participating in an innovative approach to design a new Physical Chemistry laboratory curriculum based on sound teaching and learning practices. The project is being funded by the CUTSD.

    The talks presented during the Chemical Education sessions will be published in Chemeda: Australian Journal of Chemical Education. Information about the Convention and the Chemical Education Division can be found on the RACI home page at

    The next meeting of chemistry educators will be in Brisbane in July 2001 when chemists meet for the 38th IUPAC World Chemistry Congress. This gathering of international and national chemists will also incorporate the 9th Asian Chemistry Congress.

    Further information of IUPAC 2001 is available from

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    UniServe Science News Volume 15 March 2000

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