UniServe Science News Volume 15 March 2000


On-line Journals

An increasing number of professional organisations and educational institutions are using the Web for publishing their journals and newsletters. Here is a selection of on-line journals that contain articles, reports and discussions concerning issues related to the use of technology in teaching, in particular, science teaching at a tertiary level.

Electronic Journal of Instructional Science and Technology (e-JIST) is published by the Distance Education Centre, University of Southern Queensland. It is an international peer-reviewed electronic journal covering a wide range of areas including foundations of instructional science, practice of instructional design in education and training, instructional delivery technologies, evaluation of instructional design input, future developments, and reports or reviews of research and books.

Journal of Interactive Media in Education addresses issues relating to theoretical and practical aspects of interactive media in education and the issues raised by its use. It aims to improve teaching and learning through better interactive media. "Through its innovative use of interactive Net-based media, JIME is an action research project which explores the changing face of academic publications."

UniServe Science News and CAL-laborate are available in html or pdf format. UniServe Science News is published three times a year. CAL-laborate, the international newsletter for the physical sciences, is published by UniServe Science in collaboration with the United Kingdom CTI Centres for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and the Swedish Council for the Renewal of Higher Education (formerly known as Council for the Renewal of Undergraduate Education). CAL-laborate Life Sciences will be available in May, 2000.

Australian Journal of Educational Technology is the ASCILITE journal. Restricted access to current issue but archives of past issues are available on-line.

Issues of Teaching and Learning is the on-line newsletter from the Centre for Staff Development at The University of Western Australia.

Cause/Effect is a practitioner's journal for college and university managers and users of information resources, published quarterly by EDUCAUSE.

Bioscene is the Journal of College Biology Teaching. Recent years are available as pdf files, earlier years as scanned graphics.

ultiBASE publishes original research, work-in-progress, personal reflections and interviews. While it focuses on teaching and learning in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, many articles are relevant to science teaching.

Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer-Enhanced Learning is edited and produced by Wake Forest University. IMEJ contains articles about effective uses of technology in all disciplines within higher education.

Active Learning is published twice a year with each issue dealing with specific topics in the learning technologies. Restricted access to the current issue, previous issues are available in either pdf or html format.

Educational Technology & Society is the Journal of International Forum of Educational Technology & Society. It contains academic articles on the issues affecting the developers of educational systems and educators who implement and manage such systems.

International Journal of Educational Technology is an international refereed journal in the field of educational technology published on-line twice each year by the University of Western Australia and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

ONLINE-ED is a moderated electronic mailing list which aims to promote on-line education. Distributed each week during the semester, it includes an invited article plus information on related conferences, seminars and on-line events.
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UniServe Science News Volume 15 March 2000

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