UniServe Science News Volume 16 July 2000

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Are there any 'furrowed brows' out there?

Lynne Schrum, Department of Instructional Technology, The University of Georgia, USA

In traditional lectures and seminars, the furrowed brow is a certain indicator that students are experiencing some difficulties or uncertainties. Obviously, with on-line teaching and learning, these are more difficult to detect.

Three strategies that we have employed at our institution to determine whether the students are uncertain about topics, concepts or expectations are:

  • posing an individual question to each member of the class to explain their understanding of a concept or idea;
  • every week asking each member of class for three topics or concepts that they do not understand or find difficult or confusing; or
  • requiring one from each group to summarise some study material and post their summary of the topic or issue.

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    UniServe Science News Volume 16 July 2000

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