UniServe Science News
Vol. 2, November 1995

In this issue...

From the Director Ian Johnston, UniServe*Science


Exploring Perception
Colin Ryan, James Cook University

James Baggott & Sharon E. Dennis

Computers and First Year teaching: Biology at University of Sydney
Mary Peat, University of Sydney

Courseware for Earth Science teaching from the UK
Bill Sowerbutts, Manchester University

Physics, Students & Videotape
Roger Lewis, University of Wollongong

Formative Evaluation of Instructional Materials
Dianne Chambers, UniServe*Science


Living Cells: Structure, Diversity and Evolution
David Patterson & Dianne Chambers, University of Sydney

Interactive Physics II
Suzanne Hogg, University of Technology, Sydney

IMDAD Viewer
Gareth Denyer, University of Sydney

CAUT Reports

Interactive Computer Tutorials in Basic Biology
Paul Whitington, University of New England

CAL in Earth Sciences
Mark Warne, LaTrobe University

CAUT Grants for 1996

Calendar of Events

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