Newsletter of the Science Software Clearinghouse       Vol. 3, March 1996

In this issue...

From the Director
Ian Johnston, UniServe*Science


Teaching Writing Skills in the Science Curriculum
Charlotte Taylor & Helen Drury, University of Sydney
Organic Chemistry software from Tasmania
Adrian Blackman, University of Tasmania
ETI's Taxonomic Linnaeus II Software
Peter H. Schalk & Rob P. Heijman, ETI, University of Amsterdam


John O'Byrne, University of Sydney
Australian Flora & Fauna
Tim Marples, ANU
InSights 2
Peter Wenderoth, Macquarie University
Fish Farm
Ian Montgomery, University of Sydney

CAUT Reports

Teaching data analysis techniques
Les Kirkup, University of Technology, Sydney
Oxidative Phosphorylation: A simulated experiment
David Day, Mark Arundel & Sue Bennett, ANU
The Osmosis Program
Sue Fyfe Georgina Fyfe, Curtin University
Broader skill requirements for science graduates
Ray Sleet & Paul Hager, UTS

Notes from the field

Some observations on the use of IT in teaching at some US universities
John Mack, University of Sydney
CTI/TLTP Conference
Ian Johnston, UniServe*Science


Dry Labs Workshop
New Services from UniServe*Science
Calendar of Events
UniServe Sites

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