UniServe€Science News: Newsletter of the Science Software Clearinghouse Vol. 3, March 1996

CTI/TLTP Conference

Ian Johnston

For those who are not aware, there are two important government funded, IT-based tertiary education initiatives happening in the UK. These are the CTI (Computers in Teaching Initiative) scheme (established 1990), which acts as a software clearinghouse network and on which UniServe was modelled; and the Teaching and Learning Technology Project (TLTP, established 1993) which brings together consortiums of universities to develop teaching software.

Ian Johnston attended the annual CTI/TLTP conference in November last, at Heathrow*, England. A number of items emerged which are of relevance to UniServe*Science. Firstly the UK Government has guaranteed funding for the CTIs for the next five years, relieving them of a great cloud of uncertainty. It should be remembered that our government, through CAUT and DEET, has only funded the UniServe network for two more years. Secondly, the UK Government is setting up a similar scheme to service the Further Education sector (read TAFE) on exactly the same lines as the CTI. Perhaps our government might do likewise?

The biggest part of the conference was an exhibition of the current state of all the TLTP software packages -- of which there are 20 which are useful in the sciences. If you want further information please contact us.

Ian Johnston

Ian Johnston is the Director of UniServe*Science

* Why do others get to go to conferences in Bali and Honolulu, and I get to go to Heathrow?