UniServe€Science News: Newsletter of the Science Software Clearinghouse Vol. 3, March 1996

New Services from UniServe*Science

UniServe*Science database now searchable over the World Wide Web

The UniServe*Science database of resources for use in teaching science at the tertiary level is now available for searching via the World Wide Web. This allows you to specify the discipline, area of interest, the year level, and the platform (Mac, Windows, DOS) and have returned a list of teaching materials that fits these criteria. Clicking on the item of choice leads to further information about that product -- a description, requirements, supplier details, etc. and, for an increasing number of products, an evaluation of the product.

Access is via the Web page at http://www.usyd.edu.au/su/SCH/publications.html

Mailing Lists of Academics in your field

For each of the disciplines UniServe*Science covers we have set up a `majordomo' list for interested persons. These lists put teaching academics who are interested in using New Technologies in contact with each other. Any mail sent to the list's address will be sent to all members of the list, thus enabling a discussion group. To join a list send email to majordomo@uniserve.edu.au with the following command in the body of the email: `Subscribe listname YourEmail@your.email.address', (no inverted commas). The list names are: biochemistry-science
geography and

To subscribe to the biology list I would thus send the message `subscribe biology-science dchamber@extro.ucc.su.oz.au' (no inverted commas) to majordomo@uniserve.edu.au. Email to be distributed via these lists should be addressed to Listname@uniserve.edu.au. A message sent to all on the psychology list would thus be sent to psych- science@uniserve.edu.au.

Contact Dianne Chambers for further information.