Vol. 4, July 1996

In this issue...

From the Director
Ian Johnston, UniServe*Science


Exploring the Nardoo
Barry Harper, University of Wollongong
The Dry Labs Workshop
Ian Johnston & Mary Peat, UniServe*Science
Biocomputing at ANGIS: a 24 hour a day Dry Lab
Tim Littlejohn, Australian National Genomic Information Service


Bacterial Growth 2
Gavin Ash, Charles Sturt University
Mick Pope, UniServe*Science
Hugh Powell, University of Adelaide
Atlas of Invertebrate Anatomy
Mary Peat, University of Sydney

CAUT Reports

Software in Psychology teaching
Steve Provost, University of Newcastle
Improving student learning
Barbara Kennedy, James Cook University
The Soil Investigation Kit
Marcel Chaloupka, University of Sydney
Survival skills for first year science students
Robert Loss, Curtin University
The First Year Experience
Richard James, University of Melbourne

Report from the Field

CUBE 96 - Computers in University Biology Education
Dianne Chambers, UniServe*Science


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