UniServe€Science News, Vol. 4, July 1996

CUBE96: Computers in University Biology Education

Dianne Chambers is the Educational Technologist for the Life Sciences at UniServe*Science

The virtual conference Computers in University Biology Education 1996, `CUBE96', was held 22 April to 3 May 1996 and was hosted by the Computers in Teaching Initiative Biology (CTI Biology) of the UK. Registration was free and open to academics worldwide. This was the second Internet conference on computers in university biology education to be held, following the success of CUBE95 last year. The conference included papers on the use of the World Wide Web in biology teaching, a comparison of computer based learning with traditional teaching, and some descriptions of implementation of computers in biology teaching. CUBE95 was email-based with all correspondence going to all participants. This year's event took place entirely on the World Wide Web, using the HyperNews conferencing system. This allowed a number of papers and `posters' (with images and links to other sites) to be made available on the web and for participants to make comments or ask questions of the authors with the ensuing discussion accessible by all participants. Although `virtual conferences' lack the important (people) networking opportunities of a real conference, virtual conferences can be `attended' cheaply and during semester!

Dianne Chambers

The proceedings of CUBE 95 and CUBE96 are at http://www.liv.ac.uk/ctibiol/Events.html/