UniServe€Science News, Vol. 4, July 1996

Atlas of Invertebrate Anatomy

by D T Anderson, UNSW Press, 1996.

This Atlas is a beautiful addition to the material available for students of invertebrate anatomy, development and phylogeny. The Atlas contains 82 plates totalling 475 fine biological drawings, many of them large format, of the external and internal anatomy of 80 species of invertebrates. All are newly-drawn from specimens and they are detailed and accurate and fully labelled. The plates of drawings are accompanied by notes on the classification, life cycle and habitat of each species drawn. The index is extremely useful to the student - it comes in two versions - an anatomical index which guides the user to developmental stages, mouthparts, histological sections and other kinds of views, and a conventional taxonomic index. The species chosen for the Atlas are the ones most studied in teaching laboratories; some are world-wide in their distribution, some are limited to Australia. The Atlas is written as a practical reference for all students of invertebrate biology. The author is an authority on the material, having published extensively in this area for 40 years. His books Embryology and Phylogeny in Annelids and Arthropods (1973) and Barnacles (1994) are internationally recognised treatises on the subjects.

Mary Peat


Atlas of Invertebrate Anatomy
Author: D T Anderson
Publisher: UNSW Press 1996
ISBN 0 86840 207 9
Cost: $34.95