UniServe*Science News, Vol. 5, November 1996

MHSE 96: Multimedia in Health Science Education

The first Multimedia in Health Science Education Conference was held at the Panum Institute in Copenhagen in June 1996. This was held in conjunction with the 7th Annual Slice of Life Workshop. The videodisc Slice of Life VII was launched at the conference, it contains 44,000 images from over 200 contributors. Al images can be used by multimedia developers for inclusion in software modules. The conference devoted more that 70% of the time for demonstrations and hands-on sessions. The occasion facilitated exchange of new ideas and new teaching models and designs. On the European scene there is a strong interest to develop teaching materials on a European scale. The European Union have talked of collaboration and all those attending the conference were invited to be involved. Much of the keynote addresses and discussions were about collaborative development of multimedia, in particular Andrew Booth (TLTP project ëBioNetí, Leeds University, UK) gave a model for the project management of such a development. Goran Petersson stressed the importance of collaborative evaluation of materials.

Mary Peat