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UniServe Science News Volume 6 March 1997


Putting You in the Picture

A Workshop to help you to work with images

Tim Marples

In July this year several of the organisations in the UniServe Australia network are combining to run a workshop on how to find and manipulate images to enhance teaching materials. The workshop is intended for academics who are not skilled in the use of IT and image handling packages, to enlarge horizons by presenting demonstrations in a range of disciplines. There will be demonstrations and hands-on experience in a computer lab.

The workshop will last one and a half days, and it will be held at the University of Newcastle on Tuesday July 15 and Wednesday July 16. It is being hosted by UniServe Health and sponsored by the Uniserve Australia Coordinating Centre and UniServe Science. Keynote speakers from a wide range of disciplines are being invited to give lecture demonstrations. The aim is to present practical exhibition of innovative ways of finding, handling and manipulating images to stimulate teachers to enhance their teaching materials. A fee of $75 will be charged to help cover some of the costs of the workshop. This will include the production of a paper-based proceedings which will be posted out to all participants.

To encourage academics to attend the workshop, some limited assistance will be offered towards travel expenses. The amount of this support is limited to $150 each to attendees from southern Queensland, NSW border, Melbourne; and $250 for attendees from further afield. Note that travel support is against airfares only. If you are in further need of support to allow you to attend you might apply to your faculty. We will be informing Deans of the workshop. Depending on the demand for this workshop, travel support may have to be restricted to one per faculty.

The details of the program and application forms for registration and travel assistance are available on our web page


These pages are under development and should be checked occasionally as new information is being added all the time. There is also a link to a web page listing hotels and motels in Newcastle.

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UniServe Science News Volume 6 March 1997

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