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UniServe Science News Volume 7 July 1997

Richard Sutton Reader in Veterinary Pathology, Department of Veterinary Pathology, The University of Queensland

Computer-based Interactive Learning with Photographic Images in Veterinary Pathology

Richard Sutton

A photographic archive, comprising of approximately 3500 images and illustrating diseases and disease processes in the discipline of Veterinary Pathology, has been digitised and incorporated onto a CD-ROM for computer viewing. Three computer-based tutorial and interactive programs which incorporate images from the archive have been developed and are available on floppy disk. These programs are entitled Acute Inflammation, Pig Disease Investigation, and Cytology. The programs and archive, which are primarily targeted at third and fifth year level Veterinary Science students, are intended to reinforce current teaching methods by increasing the availability of photographic material which is an important part of teaching and learning in the discipline of Veterinary Pathology. Evaluation feedback from the students on the tutorial and interactive programs has been both positive and constructive. The recently updated archive has not yet been evaluated. Access to these programs by students is via departmental computers, media rooms in the library and also home borrowing. It is hoped to formulate more such interactive programs utilising the experience and feedback gained from these initial programs.

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UniServe Science News Volume 7 July 1997

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