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CUTSD sponsored conference
Innovative Approaches to Teaching Science


to be held at

Recreation Hall
Parramatta Campus
University of Western Sydney, Nepean
on Monday, 12 July, 1999

Guest Speaker: Associate Professor John Dearn
Director, Centre for Enhancement of Learning, Teaching & Scholarship - University of Canberra

Assoc. Prof. Dearn was awarded a CAUT National Teaching Fellowship in 1994. His interests and expertise lie in the area of different approaches to promoting active learning in large science classes, in particular year 1 subjects.

Purpose of Conference:

The conference addresses the issue of moving Science teaching and learning away from the traditional approach of didactic lecture delivery and prescribed practical/laboratory activities. It will examine both the successes and failures of implementing different learning approaches and strategies in Science education. Thus, it is hoped to stimulate both discourse on "teaching science differently" and provide guidelines for those who wish to adopt the less traditional (for Science) approaches.

The conference aims to:

  1. Showcase effective implementation of flexible learning practices in the Sciences with a particular emphasis on student centred learning through group work, reflective practise and problem-based learning.
  2. Stimulate interest in flexible learning practices amongst tertiary Science educators, especially those who have not considered such options in their own teaching.
  3. Provide clear guidelines on "how to do it yourself" for all participants through examination of such issues as student and staff resistance, problems in starting up and making it work and evaluation of effectiveness.

Contact Details:

Individuals interested in contributing a 15 min. presentation or a poster to this conference should submit a 200 word abstract by Friday, 28 March, 1999 to Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Deane at e.deane@nepean.uws.edu.au or ring 02-4736 0808 for further details or suggestions.

Attempts will be made to accommodate as many presenters as possible and the conference may be extended to 2 days in response to such demand.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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