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Aims and Scope

CAL-laborate International is devoted to research into science education at a university level. It aims to publish papers that meet the needs and intellectual interests of tertiary teachers of the physical and life sciences, with some emphasis on the educational use of Information and Communication Technologies. It gives academics the chance to share ideas, thoughts and experiences concerning research work they carry out in their own teaching. This is an area in which there are relatively few technical journals, so academics often find it difficult to publish their work with the proper peer reviewing. This is where CAL-laborate International comes in.

Its main aims can be found in the name of the journal.

CAL:Over the past decade and a half, there has been a lessening of emphasis on the various forms of Computer Aided Learning. The days when it was considered the way of the future have long since gone, and ICT has entered the general armory of university teaching resources. But there is still much which is not known and much research to be done in this area. That is why our journal retains a leaning towards ICT.
lab: Educational research is carried out in Education faculties everywhere, and in the archival journals of this field much emphasis is placed on the theoretical aspects of teaching and learning. We believe that university science teachers prefer their understanding of the teaching process to have a strong practical component, to have direct applicability to the lecture theatre or the experimental laboratory or the computer lab.
CAL-laborate:Owing to the relative narrowness of our field of interest, we believe that we have a chance to foster linkages between teachers from the same and different scientific disciplines, and to give them a forum in which they can share experiences and research results. There are well known technical journals dealing with education research in physics or chemistry or biology or whatever. But there are relatively few in science education (as opposed to science education). This is the niche we hope our journal fills.

Contributions to this journal should be of value and interest to university science teachers and students. Of particular interest are papers which can be used to bring contemporary educational research (or indeed mainstream science research) into the classroom. Papers describing novel approaches to laboratory and classroom teaching, especially if involving the use of ICT, are appropriate, provided the new methods are of general interest and can be successfully transferred to other settings. But they should not be merely descriptions along the lines of "how I taught my last class and what the students thought of it".

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