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Layout guidelines

Page Setup

Page Size

Your page size should be set to A4 and the margins set at the following:
Top: 2.54 cm (or 1 in)
Bottom: 1 cm (or 0.4 in)
Inner: 2 cm (or 0.8 in)
Outer: 1.5 cm (or 0.6 in)
Mirror margins

Column width where appropriate

First page of paper
Unequal columns - 5.25 cm - 0.5 cm - 11.75 cm, narrow column with 20% shading
(Unequal columns - 2.1 in - 0.2 in - 4.6 in, narrow column with 20% shading)
Subsequent pages
Equal columns - 8.5 cm - 0.5 cm - 8.5 cm
(Equal columns - 3.35 in - 0.2 in - 3.35 in)

Page Numbers

Bottom, center - using 10 point Times New Roman

Headers and Footers

Headers - 1.27 cm (0.5 in) from edge. Footer - 0.83 (0.33 in)from edge.
Mirror margins with Title of Publication, month of publication, year

Main Text Details Spacing

Single spaced, single line spacing between paragraphs


Lower case except for first letter.
Please use no more than 3 levels of heading and ensure they are applied consistently. The 1st level heading should be left justified, Times New Roman 14pt bold followed by one blank line (10 pt not bold). The 2nd level heading should be left justified, Times New Roman 10pt bold. The 3rd level heading should be left justified, Times New Roman 10pt bold italic.


The main text should be Times New Roman 10pt with justified alignment. Each paragraph should be followed by one blank line. No indentation of paragraphs.

Diagrams, Tables and Figures

All diagrams, tables and figures included in the paper should be clearly labelled and centred between the margins. Please leave one blank line (10pt not bold) before the diagram, table or figure. For figures and diagrams, insert the label below each item, in Times New Roman 10pt and centred. The word Figure 1. Should be bold, then descriptor in normal font, no full-stop unless the descriptor is a full sentence. For tables, insert the label above the item. If the figure has no label, insert one blank line (10pt not bold) after the figure.

Quotation marks

Single smart quotes, with the exception of a quotation within a quotation when double quotes are used.
Care with placing of quotation marks when used with quotes and end of sentence.
He said that 'It should be like this.'.
The author makes reference to 'the way students approach their study'.
'But if the complete sentence is within quotes.'


This is an optional section. Acknowledgements or appreciation to individuals for assistance with the manuscript or with the material reported should be included and appear at the end of the article before the References.


Commas after: e.g., i.e., No comma after: etc. et al.

No abbreviations

Figure, Table, Diagram, Demonstration, Laboratory,

Hyphen, n-dash, m-dash

Hyphen used within double words, e.g., web-based, student-centred, problem-based or prefix e.g., ex-wife
N-dash used with association between words e.g., Australian–American, no space before or after
N-dash used also for span figures e.g., 1997–1999
M-dash used to break up a sentence e.g., one semester—12 weeks—was all the time available, no space before or after

Upper Case

Web when it is used as the Web, if used as a descriptor, web (lower case) e.g., web page, web site
Internet when it is used as the Internet, if used as a descriptor, internet (lower case)


Software titles e.g., WebCT, PowerPoint, Windows
Journal titles e.g., Journal of Biological Education
Course names e.g., Physical Chemistry
Except when used as a descriptor e.g., windows type computer


Tenses of words such as:
label - labelling, labelled
centre and centred

Bulletted and numbered lists

Bulletted and numbered lists (sentence dependent) are formatted as:

  • no indent;
  • colon on preceding line;
  • lower case first letter;
  • bullet small filled circle (as per example);
  • hanging paragraphs of 0.5 cm;
  • with a semi-colon at the end of each bullet;
  • second last bullet has semi-colon and 'and' or 'or'; and
  • last bullet has full stop.

Bulletted and numbered lists (sentence independent) are formatted as follows.

  • No indent.
  • Upper case first letter.
  • Hanging paragraphs of 0.5 cm.

About PDF
Issues of CAL-laborate are available either online or in Portable Document Format (PDF) (better for printing).
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