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Submissions should be made to EITHER the Regional Editor or the appropriate Discipline Editor (at the discretion of the author(s)).

Submissions will be accepted at any time. When a paper has been through the refereeing process and is accepted for publication, the paper will be published on the web site. When a suitable number of papers has been received, those papers will be printed in the next issue of the journal.

Once a submission is received by EITHER the Regional Editor or Discipline Editor, they will assess whether the submission is suitable for inclusion in CAL-laborate International.

For refereed contributions, the appropriate Discipline Editor will guide the paper through the review process. Normally the manuscript will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 persons (double-blind review process). On rare occasions it may be necessary to call upon a member of the Editorial Committee to be part of the review process.

The full papers will be sent to two referees. They will receive:

  1. an e-mail message asking them to do the refereeing task [if not we will find another person],
  2. an attached file containing the full text of the paper for reviewing and
  3. an attached file which is the referee response form. (or a link to this page)

Referees are asked to:

  1. respond immediately to the e-mail message saying whether they can do the task within 15 working days, [if not we will have to find another person],
  2. open the attached full text paper, and
  3. return the referees' response form to the appropriate editor by email.

The Discipline Editor will then collate these responses in terms of whether or not the submission will be

  • accepted as it is;
  • accepted with suggested minor revisions;
  • accepted with suggested major revisions;
  • rejected with suggestions for improvements before potential re-submission; or
  • rejected giving reasons for this decision.
and forward this recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief.

By utilising electronic submissions and email communication, authors can usually expect an initial response within 4 weeks.

The author must then decide to act on the referees recommendations or withdraw the contribution. The author should advise the appropriate editor of their intention by email within five working days. If the author decides to amend the paper in accordance with the referees' reports, then the final revised paper should be submitted within ten working days.

Once accepted the manuscript will be included in the next issue of CAL-laborate International and included on the UniServe Science web site. Authors will receive two copies of the printed version for their records.

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Issues of CAL-laborate are available either online or in Portable Document Format (PDF) (better for printing).
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