CAL-laborate Volume 1 October 1997



Ian Johnston
UniServe Science, Australia

Dick Bacon
CTI Centre for Physics, United Kingdom

Bengt Kjöllerström
Council for the Renewal of Undergraduate Education, Sweden

This newsletter, which was originally conceived by Bengt Kjöllerström nearly two years ago, is the result of collaboration between staff of equivalent organisations in Sweden, Australia and the United Kingdom, each organisation being in some way funded from national sources and having responsibilities for encouraging the use of new technologies in undergraduate education. There has been considerable exchange of ideas and experiences in the use of computer based educational aids between these three, and other countries and it is essential for the well being of the activity that such exchanges increase and multiply. The costs of developing and maintaining modern multimedia teaching and learning materials is such that few institutions or even countries can really afford to 'go it alone'. The similarities between common core courses in our educational disciplines is much greater than the differences in the educational systems of our various countries. The electronic communication systems are in place, and collaboration is enabled on a scale and with an immediacy that has never before been possible. It is up to us all to bring the potentials of these facilities and the collective expertise to the attention of the funders of suitable national initiatives.

If you have views on this and allied topics, or have experiences that we could all benefit from hearing about (particularly case studies involving international collaboration), then please contact one of the national editing bodies of this newsletter, so that we can assess the viability of a successor to this (very) occasional publication.

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CAL-laborate Volume 1 October 1997

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