CAL-laborate - Volume 10, June 2003

CAL-laborate - Volume 10, June 2003

In this issue...

Ed Wood, LTSN Centre for Bioscience, Mary Peat, UniServe Science and Ingemar Ingemarsson, CRHE


The introduction of web-based formative assessment in medical science: An action research project
Robert B. Dow, Queensland University of Technology
Changes in use of technological methods of teaching and learning in undergraduate pharmacology in UK higher education
Ian E. Hughes, University of Leeds
Simulation as a teaching alternative: Utopia or reality?
Anders Hyltander, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
Photosynthesis in Silico: A multimedia CD-ROM combining animations, simulations and self-paced modules for photosynthesis education at all tertiary levels
Sharon A. Robinson, Wendy Russell and Andrew Netherwood, University of Wollongong
Computer aided interactive histology - summary of 10 years
Göran Sandberg, Karolinska Institutet
Teaching bioinformatics: A student-centred and problem based approach
Yun-Can Ai, Zhongshan (Sun Yet-Sen) University, Lars Jermiin and Neville Firth, The University of Sydney

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CAL-laborate Volume 10 June 2003

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