CAL-laborate - Volume 15, August 2006

CAL-laborate - Volume 14, November 2005

In this issue...

Mary Peat, UniServe Science


Statistical graphing in spreadsheets (pdf)
Zhong Guan, Indiana University South Bend, USA
Chest auscultation; easy to learn hard to say: Learning auscultation through multimedia (pdf)
Ron Kerr, Charles Sturt University, Australia
Blues for the lecture theatre - the pharmacology songbook (pdf)
Ewen MacDonald and Jarmo Saarti, University of Kuopio, Finland
A dilemma in the strategic move towards blended learning: Balancing bottom-up with top-down approaches (pdf)
Mary Peat and Karen Scott, The University of Sydney, Australia
Where statistics teaching can go wrong (pdf)
Shelton Peiris, The University of Sydney and Eric J. Beh, University of Western Sydney, Australia
Mapping student learning throughout the collaborative inquiry process: the progressive e-poster (pdf)
Kathy Takayama and John Wilson, The University of New South Wales

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CAL-laborate Volume 15 August 2006

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Editor: Kaye Placing
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