CAL-laborate - Volume 3, October 1999

CAL-laborate - Volume 2, October 1998

In this issue...

Dick Bacon, CTI Physics, Hans Jalling, CRHE, and Ian Johnston, UniServe Science


An Interactive Practical at the Interface of Web-based and Conventional Publishing
Teresa K Attwood, The University of Manchester
SurfStat.australia: a Statistics Textbook for the Web
Keith B G Dear, Australian National University
Aspects of Computer Use by Chemistry Students in Their Final Year at School
Roger Gladwin, University of Liverpool
What do you do when the technology is pulled away from under you?
Ian Johnston, The University of Sydney
Assessment: the Key to Changing the Way We Learn
Bengt Kjöllerström and Magnus Mårtensson, Lund University
Testing Conceptual Understanding in Physics Using a Browser-based Computer Managed System
Alexander Mazzolini, Swinburne University of Technology
Integration of Software into Course Development
Simone Richardson, University of Surrey
Computers in Physics Teaching at the University of Lund
Stacey Sörensen and Göran Holmstedt, Lund University
MINOS: Steps Towards a Syntax-free Computer Algebra Program
Kyril Tintarev, Uppsala University

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CAL-laborate Volume 3 October 1999

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Editor: Anne Fernandez
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