CAL-laborate Volume 3 October 1999

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Council for Renewal of Higher Education

The Swedish Council for Renewal of Undergraduate Education was established by the Swedish Parliament on 1st July 1990, and became a permanent National Agency in 1993. Since 1st July 1995 the Council is an integral part of the National Agency for Higher Education. Since October 1999 postgraduate education is included in the Council's responsibilities which has led to a change of name. The purpose of the Council for Renewal of Higher Education is to promote and support efforts to develop quality and renewal of higher education. The three main activities of the council are:

  • to award grants for development activities;
  • to collect and disseminate information on planned, current, and completed development activities of a fundamental and innovative nature concerning undergraduate education in Sweden and abroad; and
  • to evaluate the development activities the Council has funded.
  • Some specific objectives of the Council are to:

  • support the integration of environmental studies in Swedish undergraduate education;
  • support changes in curricula and pedagogy in Engineering and Natural Science programmes in order to recruit more female students to these programmes;
  • support the use of IT in teacher training; and
  • finance a Teacher Exchange Programme.
  • Currently funded projects include "Hypermedia and Communications for Active Learning", "New Forms of Assessment in Mathematics and Computer Science", "Interactive Distance Education in Multimedia" and "Computer Assisted Education in Radiographic Techniques for Dental Students".

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    CAL-laborate Volume 3 October 1999

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