CAL-laborate Volume 3 October 1999

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UniServe Science

Whilst originally set up through a Federal Government Grant in 1994, UniServe Science is now funded by The University of Sydney through the College of Sciences and Technology, the Faculty of Science and the University Information Technology Committee.

UniServe Science caters for Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics and Psychology.

The activities of UniServe Science include:

  • collecting information about teaching materials, finding out what is being produced in this country and overseas;
  • disseminating all this information, by newsletters and electronic means;
  • maintaining a web-based searchable database of information about teaching software;
  • maintaining a web site which also includes information about discipline-specific teaching resources and links to other relevant sites;
  • organizing to get new packages reviewed by teaching academics, and making these opinions available;
  • setting up other exchanges of information by means of the Internet;
  • recruiting representatives from every science department in the country in order to establish a nationwide network of direct personal contacts;
  • undertaking visits to other institutions and giving talks; and
  • holding workshops and seminars.
  • In addition to these, UniServe Science offers some services to local secondary science educators.

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    CAL-laborate Volume 3 October 1999

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