CAL-laborate - Volume 4, June 2000

CAL-laborate - Volume 4, June 2000

In this issue...

Peter Miller, LTSN Bioscience, Mary Peat, UniServe Science and John Jungck, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium


An Interactive Practical at the Interface of Web-based and Conventional Publishing
Teresa K. Attwood, The University of Manchester
Simulating Biochemistry: The eLABorate Project
John Garratt, Jane Tomlinson and Doug Clow, The University of York
"Crossing the Chasm" of Curricular Reform: BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium Invites CAL-laboration
John R. Jungck et al, Beloit College
LucID: A Multimedia Educational Tool for Identification and Diagnostics
Geoff A. Norton, The University of Queensland, David J. Patterson, The University of Sydney and Margaret Schneider, The University of Queensland
Virtual Communication for Lab-based Science Teaching: A Case Study
Mary Peat, The University of Sydney
Touching a Virtual World: What can it teach us?
Barry Richardson, Monash University
The Use of Communications and Information Technology to Support Small-group Teaching Activities in Psychology
Annie Trapp, Nick Hammond and Catherine Bennett, The University of York
A Metabolic Challenge on CD-ROM
Marie-Paule Van Damme and Kaye Trembath, Monash University

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CAL-laborate Volume 4 June 2000

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