CAL-laborate Volume 5 October 2000

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Learning and Teaching Support Network

The LTSN has been established by the UK higher education funding bodies to promote high quality learning and teaching in all subject disciplines in higher education. The network supports the sharing of innovation and good practices in learning and teaching including the use, where appropriate, of communications and information technology.

The network consists of:

  • 24 subject centres;
  • a Generic Learning and Teaching Centre; and
  • a programme director and coordinator.
  • Many of the new subject centres build on existing Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) Centres and involve learning and teaching support networks created by other funding council initiatives, such as the Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL). The new centres will become the main points of contact within subject communities for information and advice on good practices and innovations in learning, teaching and assessment, and will provide support for the many networks which already exist.

    The GLTC will provide strategic advice to the sector on generic learning and teaching issues, disseminate good practice in the development and deployment of new methods and new technologies, and act as a knowledge broker for innovation in learning and teaching.

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    CAL-laborate Volume 5 October 2000

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