CAL-laborate - Volume 6, June 2001

CAL-laborate - Volume 6, June 2001

In this issue...

Guest editorial
Ed Wood, LTSN Centre for Bioscience, Ian Johnston, UniServe Science and Ingemar Ingemarsson, CRHE


Dysphonia - Illustrating a Nationwide Initiative to Provide Students with High Quality e-Learning Resources
Leif Åkerlund, University of Lund, Anna-Lena Hulting, Karolinska Hospital and Göran Petersson, DISTUM - Swedish Agency for Distance Education
Case It! - a collaborative BioQUEST project to enhance case-based learning in university and high school biology education worldwide via molecular biology computer simulations and Internet conferencing
Mark Bergland, et al., University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Assessment of the Use of CAL to Replace Remedial Biochemical Calculation Tutorials
Philip L. R. Bonner, The Nottingham Trent University
Using Computer Technology to Enhance Problem-Based Learning
Kristine Elliott and Mike Keppell, The University of Melbourne
EMBER: a European Multimedia Bioinformatics Educational Resource
Jane E. Mabey and Teresa K. Attwood, The University of Manchester
Making IT Happen: Enhancing Teaching and Professional Collaboration via the Internet
Jo Milne-Home, University of Western Sydney
Pollen Image Management: Using Digital Images to Teach Recognition Skills and Build Reference Collections
Peter Shimeld, Feli Hopf and Stuart Pearson, The University of Newcastle
Web Projects for Final Year Biology Students
Vivien Sieber, University of North London

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CAL-laborate Volume 6 June 2001

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