CAL-laborate - Volume 7, October 2001

CAL-laborate - Volume 7, October 2001

In this issue...

Guest editorial
Dick Bacon, Physical Sciences LTSN, Ian Johnston, UniServe Science and Ingemar Ingemarsson, CRHE


Learning Through Assessment
Joe Angseesing, Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education
Introducing the SToMP Mechanics Module
Richard Bacon, University of Surrey
Accessing Maths and Stats by Other Means
E. A. Draffan, University of Sussex
Online Preparation for Laboratory Work
A. V. George, The University of Sydney
DAL and MAL - two projects to improve distance learning in the technical field in Sweden
Matts Håstad, Leif Lundkvist and Hans-Eric Wikström, University of Uppsala
Auralisation and Visualisation as Tools for Learning in Acoustics
Wolfgang Kropp and Jens Blomqvist, Chalmers University of Technology
Measurement Techniques on Distance Using a Web Browser
Bengt Lindgren, University of Uppsala
Using Online Roleplay/Simulations for Creating Learning Experiences
Robert G. McLaughlan, University of Technology, Sydney, Denise Kirkpatrick, The University of New England, Philip Hirsch, The University of Sydney and Holger R. Maier, Adelaide University
An Overview of a Hybrid System for Distance Teaching at UCL
Carol Parker and Liz Puchnarewicz, University College London
The Use of Authoring to Produce Effective Learning Materials
Tony Rest, University of Southampton and Don Brattan, University of Central Lancashire
Developing Field-Sim: Software to support fieldwork
Mike Sanders and Malcolm Nimmo, University of Plymouth
Flexibility in Online Teaching and Learning Spaces
Simeon J. Simoff, University of Technology, Sydney

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CAL-laborate Volume 7 October 2001

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