CAL-laborate - Volume 9, October 2002

CAL-laborate - Volume 9, October 2002

In this issue...

Dick Bacon, Physical Sciences LTSN, Ian Johnston, UniServe Science and Ingemar Ingemarsson, CRHE


The effectiveness of the Thai traditional teaching in the introductory physics course: A comparison with the US and Australian approaches
Narumon Emarat, et al., Mahidol University and Ian Johnston, The University of Sydney
Computer-aided assessment in mathematics: Panacea or propaganda?
Duncan Lawson, Coventry University
A way of teaching statistics: An approach to flexible learning
M. Shelton Peiris, The Pennsylvania State University
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed
Tony Rest, University of Southampton
Enhancing student learning using Decision Support Tools across the curriculum
Jim Scott, The University of New England
A CD-based courseware package for the teaching and consolidating of geological field skills
Mike Smith, et al., University of Derby and Julia Gale, The University of Texas at Austin

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CAL-laborate Volume 9 October 2002

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