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The China Papers

Tertiary Science and Mathematics Teaching for the 21st Century

Visiting Chinese academics join a one-semester program Teaching Sciences in English: A professional development course for Chinese university science and mathematics teachers. The course is a collaboration between the China Scholarship Council (People's Republic of China) and The University of Sydney. The program consists of an intensive English language component followed by considerations of the issues in contemporary science and mathematics teaching along with practical experiences within the science and mathematics disciplines. As part of the program the visiting scholars are required to present a final series of seminars incorporating their ideas and observations about teaching and learning science and how these will inform their own practice on their return to China. The visiting scholars, in association with their discipline mentors, then write up the seminar presentations. Each semester there will be an Issue of The China Papers.

Issue 6, November 2006
Issue 5, July 2005
Issue 4, November 2004
Issue 3, July 2004
Issue 2, July 2003
Issue 1, October 2002

The China Papers

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