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Proceedings of the
Assessment in Science Teaching and Learning

September 28, 2006
The University of Sydney

ISBN: 1 86487 865 7

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Cover and Table of Contents

*Peer reviewed
 Keynote Speaker
 Diagnostic assessment in science as a means for improving teaching, learning and retention1
 David F. Treagust, Curtin University of Technology
 Pearson Education Science Teaching Award Invited Paper
*Integrated Case-based Applied Pathology (ICAP): a model for learning and teaching of Veterinary Pathology10
 Katrina Bosward, Gerard Marcus, Federico Costa and Mark Krockenberger, The University of Sydney
 Symposium Presentations
*A preliminary study on how accuracy relates to student self reports of confidence on a conceptual physics test16
 James Bewes and Manjula D. Sharma, The University of Sydney
 Rethinking practical assessment in first year Biology21
 Fiona Bird, La Trobe University
*Diagnostic tests in a first year Mathematics subject 24
 Georgina Carmody, Stephen Godfrey and Leigh Wood, University of Technology, Sydney
*Multiple choice questions to combat plagiarism and encourage conceptual learning 31
 Gareth Denyer and Dale Hancock, The University of Sydney
*Integrating assessment and feedback to overcome barriers to learning at the passive/active interface in mathematics courses 37
 David Easdown, The University of Sydney
*The role of formative feedback in improving group work outcomes 43
 Mark Freeman, Diane Hutchinson and Lesley Treleaven, The University of Sydney
*The case for assessable in-class team-based learning 50
 Mark Freeman, Susan McGrath-Champ, Steve Clark and Lucy Taylor, The University of Sydney
* Enhancing learning and measuring learning outcomes in mathematics using online assessment56
 Layna Groen, University of Technology, Sydney
*Peer assessment: is it fair? 62
 Nicole Herbert, University of Tasmania
*Computer-aided assessment in mathematical sciences 69
 Grant Keady, The University of Western Australia, Gary Fitz-Gerald, RMIT University, Greg Gamble, Curtin University of Technology and Chris Sangwin, University of Birmingham, England
*Diverse assessment methods in group work settings 74
 Tim Langrish and Howard See, The University of Sydney
*Driving learning via criterion-referenced assessment using Bloom's Taxonomy [Revised paper]80
 Raymond Lister, University of Technology, Sydney
*An application of student learner profiling: comparison of students in different degree programs 89
 Elizabeth May, Charlotte Taylor, Mary Peat, Anne M. Barko and Rosanne Quinnell, The University of Sydney
*Reflective journals and critical thinking97
 Michael Paton, The University of Sydney
*Teaching applied statistics courses using computer laboratory final examinations101
 Tania Prvan and Margaret Mackisack, Macquarie University
*Multi-dictionary with word sense disambiguation system architecture107
 Numtip Rattanawongchaiya and Kanlaya Naruedomkul, Mahidol University, Thailand and Nick Cercone, Dalhousie University, Canada
*The ACELL project: Student participation, professional development, and improving laboratory learning113
 Justin R. Read, Mark A. Buntine and Geoffrey T. Crisp, The University of Adelaide, Simon C. Barrie, Adrian V. George and Scott H. Kable, The University of Sydney, Robert B. Bucat, The University of Western Australia, and Ian M. Jamie, Macquarie University
*Assessment for learning and motivation120
 Pauline M. Ross, Susan L. Siegenthaler and Deidre A. Tronson, University of Western Sydney
*Changing assessment practices. Planning and evaluating the impact of innovations on students' experiences of assessment126
 Rosanne Taylor, The University of Sydney
*Developing a prototype conceptual survey in fundamental quantum physics133
 Sura Wuttiprom, Ratchapak Chitaree and Chernchok Soankwan, Mahidol University, Thailand, Manjula Sharma and Ian Johnston, The University of Sydney
*Science and engineering students' beliefs about plagiarism: 'It's only an assignment'139
 Shelley Yeo, Curtin University of Technology
*Testing the personalisation hypothesis in pre-laboratory e-learning environments146
 Alexandra Yeung, Adrian George, Siegbert Schmid and Michael King, The University of Sydney
*It's all foreign to me: learning through the language of genetics and molecular biology153
 Felicia Zhang and Brett A. Lidbury, University of Canberra
 Assessment design for teaching of personal and team interaction skills [Abstract only]160
 G.K. Ellem and G.R. MacFarlane, The University of Newcastle
 Poster Presentations
*Feedback assessment of Science report writing for first year Genetics students161
 Tania Blanksby and Chee Kai Chan, La Trobe University
 A new approach to assignments and examinations in mathematics courses165
 David Easdown, The University of Sydney
*LabRAT - An electronic mark recording system for large laboratory classes169
 N.J. Ekins-Daukes and J.W. O'Byrne, The University of Sydney
*Flexible resources for flexible courses: are these really helping students perform in an assessment-driven learning environment? 174
 R.J. Kewley, Charles Sturt University
*Should lectures be compulsory?178
 Peter Lockwood, Chris Guppy and Robyn Smyth, The University of New England
*Peer assessment in large group projects: forming professional attitudes in IT students182
 Richard Raban and Andrew Litchfield, University of Technology, Sydney
 Delivering first year physics assignments with limited Resources - An Australian three-centre study 187
 Jurgen Schulte, University of Technology, Sydney
Surveying Thai and Sydney introductory physics students' understandings of heat and temperature190
 Choksin Tanahoung, Ratchapak Chitaree and Chernchok Soankwan, Mahidol University, and Manjula Sharma and Ian Johnston, The University of Sydney
A generic approach for Science195
 Brian Yates, University of Tasmania
Modes of assessing a student's performance in statistical subjects: a brief look at the pro's and con's [Abstract only]199
 Eric J. Beh , University of Western Sydney and Shelton Peiris, The University of Sydney
Design of an enquiry-based 'Practical Only' course for the teaching of basic skills in first year Biology [Abstract only]199
 G.K. Ellem, R.H. Dunstan, R.J. Tayler, E.A. McLaughlin, B. Nixon, J.W. Patrick , C.E. Offler and G.R. MacFarlane, , The University of Newcastle
Creativity in mathematics assessment [Abstract only]199
 Stephen Godfrey, Gina Carmody and Leigh Wood, University of Technology, Sydney
Teaching coloured perception to Thai students by inquiry [Abstract only]200
 Suchai Nopparatjamjomras, Ratchapak Chitaree and Chernchok Soankwan, Mahidol University
On the notion of conceptual learning in undergraduate physics [Abstract only]200
 M. Radny and C.L. Waters, The University of Newcastle

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