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Proceedings of the
Assessment in Science Teaching and Learning

September 28 & 29, 2007
The University of Sydney

ISBN: 978-1-74210-005-0

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 Cover and Table of Contents
*Peer reviewed
 Keynote Speaker
 A perspective on threshold concepts in Science and Engineering [Abstract only]1
 Professor J.H.F. (Erik) Meyer, University of Durham, United Kingdom
 Pearson Education Science Teaching Award Invited Presentation
 The development of model of teaching focused on engagement and retention in large first year science courses [Abstract only]2
 Karen Burke da Silva, David Wood and Ian Menz, Flinders University
 Carrick Institute Invited Speaker
 Towards a framework of teaching and learning indicators in Australian universities [Abstract only]3
 Denise Chalmers, Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
 Symposium Presentations
*Student performance in first-year physics: does high school matter? 4
 Therese Au and Manjula Sharma, The University of Sydney
*Troublesome concepts in statistics: a student perspective on what they are and how to learn them 9
 Michael Bulmer, Mia O'Brien and Sarah Price, The University of Queensland
*An evaluation of Portfolio Assessment in an undergraduate Web Technology unit 16
 Steve Cassidy and Rolf Schwitter, Macquarie University
*Using short podcasts to reinforce lectures 22
 Steve Clark, Lucy Taylor and Mark Westcott, The University of Sydney
*The role of proof in mathematics teaching and The Plateau Principle 28
 David Easdown, The University of Sydney
*Meeting expectations - A focus on professional practice in a final year undergraduate mathematics course 34
 Layna Groen, University of Technology, Sydney
*Designing and mapping a generic attributes curriculum for science undergraduate students: a faculty-wide collaborative project 40
 Susan M. Jones, Julian Dermoudy, Greg Hannan, Sally James, Jon Osborn and Brian Yates, University of Tasmania
*Teaching physics to non-physics majors: models extant in Australian universities 46
 Les Kirkup, University of Technology, Sydney Manjula D. Sharma and Dale Scott, The University of Sydney
*An articulated approach to the development and evaluation of automated feedback for online MCQ quizzes in Human Biology 52
 Jan Meyer, The University of Western Australia, Sue Fyfe and Georgina Fyfe, Curtin University of Technology , Mel Ziman, Edith Cowan University, Kayty Plastow Kathy Sanders and Julie Hill, The University of Western Australia
*Tackling misconceptions in introductory physics using multimedia presentations 58
 Derek A. Muller and Manjula D. Sharma, The University of Sydney
*Medical Physics Kickstart: designing a senior high school physics workshop 64
 Christie Nelan, Philip Dooley and Manjula Sharma, The University of Sydney
*Using intervention strategies to engage tertiary biology students in their development of numeric skills 70
 Rosanne Quinnell and Eunice Wong, The University of Sydney
*Developing robust and coherent conceptions of chemistry: an integrated model 75
 Justin Read, Adrian George, Anthony Masters and Michael King, The University of Sydney
 One potato, two potato, three potato, four: the use of Hot Potatoes software in science language comprehension 83
 Alice Richardson, Brett A. Lidbury and Felicia Zhang, University of Canberra
*Intervening to create conceptual change 89
 Pauline M. Ross and Deidre A. Tronson, University of Western Sydney
*Evolution of an assessment project 95
 Ian M. Sefton and Manjula D. Sharma, The University of Sydney
*Are there educationally critical aspects in the concept of evolution? 101
 Charlotte Taylor, The University of Sydney, and Chris Cope, La Trobe University
*Creating a national online resource for enhancing assessment practices in the biological sciences 107
 Charlotte Taylor, Mary Peat, The University Sydney, and Dawn Gleeson, Kerri-Lee Krause, Kerri-Lee Harris and Robin Garnett , The University of Melbourne
*Ethics, issues and consequences: conceptual challenges in science education 112
 Barbara van Leeuwen, Rod Lamberts, Paula Newitt and Sharyn Errington, The Australian National University
*Still pictures, animations or interactivity - What is more effective for elearning? 120
 Alexandra Yeung, Siegbert Schmid, Adrian George and Michael King, The University of Sydney
 First Year Experience Forum Presentation
**Group Work: Horses for courses in first year Biology 126
 Garry Ellem, University of Newcastle
 Moving towards constructive alignment in first year Biology [Abstract only]132
 Fiona L. Bird, La Trobe University
 Educating first-year students about the benefits of conservation partnerships: an experiential approach [Abstract only]132
 William Gladstone, University of Newcastle
 Authentic-based learning: linking theory to real-life experience by instructional design to promote effective learning [Abstract only]132
 Valda Miller, The University of Queensland
 Gifted and Talented Students Forum Presentations
*The Advanced Study Program in Science: challenging, motivating and inspiring our best science students 134
 Jo Blanchfield, Elizabeth McGraw, Michael Bulmer, Ricarda Thier, Helen Byers, Paula Myatt, Susan Hamilton and Robyn Evans , The University of Queensland
*Stimulating our talented: The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) program 140
 Paula Newitt, The Australian National University
 Double or nothing! Clever thinking, double-degree frustration, and returns to Science 147
 Sandra J. Welsman, Frontiers Insight Institute
*Research-led education: challenges and experiences 154
 Anna N. Wilson, Susan M. Howitt, and Kate F. Wilson, The Australian National University
 Poster Presentations
 Annotated bibliographies can help maximise benefit of literature research skills exercises 160
 Michelle Coulson, The University of Adelaide
 The importance of true-false statements in mathematics teaching and learning 164
 David Easdown, The University of Sydney
*Engaging students through authentic research experiences168
 Ashley Edwards, Susan M. Jones, Erik Wapstra and Alastair M. M. Richardson, University of Tasmania
 Using cognitive load theory as a framework for designing a set of integrated multimedia modules to assist in the teaching of a threshold concept 172
 George Hatsidimitris, The University of New South Wales
*Use of traditional and elearning components in a blended learning environment 177
 Osu Lilje and Mary Peat, The University of Sydney
*A project-based learning approach to protein biochemistry suitable for both face-to-face and distance education students181
 R.J. Prior , University of Canberra and J. Forwood, Charles Sturt University
 The persistence of students' alternative conceptions in wave propagation [Abstract only]189
 A. Tongchai, K. Arayathanitkul and C. Soankwan, Mahidol University, Thailand
 Spotlight on online learning and teaching in sciences and technology [Abstract only]192
 Daniel Carroll, The University of Sydney
 Physclips: multi-level, multi-media resources for teaching first year university physics [Abstract only]192
 Joe Wolfe and George Hatsidimitris, The University of New South Wales
 Glimpses of Science: 'Multimedia-assisted' science activities for primary school teachers and their students [Abstract only]192
 George Hatsidimitris, Joe Wolfe and Jacinda Ginges , The University of New South Wales

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