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UniServe Australia

Putting you in the Picture

Proceedings of the Workshop

July 15-16, 1997
The University of Newcastle

The Proceedings are available as a PDF file (approx 210Kb).

Table of Contents

Workshop Presentations

Teaching and the New Technology: A Pedagogical Viewpoint
John Dearn, University of Canberra

Teaching and the New Technology: Managing the Transition
Linda O'Brien, University of Newcastle

Video in the Classroom: Problems and Promises
Jeremy Pickett-Heaps, University of Melbourne

How much are pictures worth?
Ric Lowe, Curtin University of Technology

MedCAT: An Internet / Intranet solution for the archival and distribution of media resources
Darren Williams, University of Melbourne

Poster Presentations

Use of Imagery in Teaching via Video conferencing
Kieran Lim, Richard Russell and Gordon Elsey, Deakin University

Using the Cable Television Network for Cross Campus delivery of First Year Chemistry
David Clift, Deakin University

Multimedia in the Teaching of First Year Biology: The use of Graphics and Animations
Sue Franklin, Mary Peat and Rob Mackay-Wood, The University of Sydney

UniServe Science narrows the field
Anne Fernandez, et al., UniServe Science

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