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Proceedings of the
Blended Learning in Science Teaching and Learning

September 30, 2005
The University of Sydney

ISBN: 1 86487 744 8

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Cover and Table of Contents pdf

*Peer Reviewed

Keynote Speaker
Blended learning: design and improvisation (abstract) 1 pdf
Peter Goodyear, The University of Sydney

Pearson Education Science Teaching Award Invited Paper
*APRES: electronically managed student feedback via peer review 2 pdf
Raoul A. Mulder, Mark A. Elgar, University of Melbourne and Declan Brady, Optima Global Solutions

Symposium Presentations
The impact of classroom design on collaborative learning 7 pdf
Michael Bulmer, Valda Miller, Helen Byers, David Milne and Mia O'Brien, The University of Queensland

*Decision analysis under uncertainty for e-learning environment 14 pdf
Kankana Chakrabarty, University of New England

*Blended learning: an approach to delivering science courses on-line 19 pdf
Ian Clark and Patrick James, University of South Australia

*Portfolio tools: learning and teaching strategies to facilitate development of graduate attributes 25 pdf
Jacquelyn Cranney, Michelle Kofod, Gail Huon, Lene Jensen, Kirsty Levin, Iain McAlpine, Michele Scoufis and Noel Whitaker, University of New South Wales

*nexus: journal of undergraduate science engineering and technology 31 pdf
Julian Dermoudy, Susan Jones, Jon Osborn, Dominic Geraghty, and Richard Dearden, University of Tasmania

*Engineering students' views of Computer Algebra Systems 37 pdf
Sabita D'Souza and Leigh Wood, University of Technology, Sydney and Peter Petocz, Macquarie University

*Tales from the coalface: From tragedy to triumph in a blended learning approach to the teaching of 1st year
biology 43 pdf
G. K. Ellem and E. A. McLaughlin, University of Newcastle

*Blended learning in a first year mathematics subject 50 pdf
Layna Groen and Georgina Carmody, University of Technology, Sydney

*Evaluation of blended learning: analysis of qualitative data 56 pdf
Ansie Harding, University of Pretoria, South Africa, Dan Kaczynski, University of West Florida, and
Leigh Wood, University of Technology, Sydney

*What do we teach them and what are they learning? Evaluation and assessment of the information literacy skills of
science students 63 pdf
Susan M. Jones, Leon Barmuta, Julian Dermoudy, Regina Magierowski, Jon Osborn,
Jane Sargison, Richard Dearden, Christine Evans and David Waters, University of Tasmania

*Encouraging students to 'think as biologists': independent field-based projects and peer assessment as a deep
learning strategy 69 pdf
Geoff MacFarlane, Kevin Markwell and Liz Date-Huxtable, University of Newcastle

*Reflections on using student-authored questions to encourage learning in Physics 75 pdf
A. R. Merchant and K. W. McGregor, RMIT University

*The tutorial benefits of on-line assignments: MasteringPhysics in first year physics at the University of Sydney 81 pdf
John O'Byrne and Richard Thompson, The University of Sydney

*Creating a reliable instrument to assess students' conceptions of studying biology at tertiary level 87 pdf
Rosanne Quinnell, Elizabeth May, Mary Peat and Charlotte Taylor, The University of Sydney

*Identifying the existence of barriers to students' learning from assessment results 93 pdf
Justin Read, Adrian George, Anthony Masters and Michael King, The University of Sydney

*The World-Wide Day in Science as exemplar of problem-based, blended learning with international scope 99 pdf
Will Rifkin, University of New South Wales

*Use of online delivery including CaptureCAM-PRO in teaching Applied Pharmacotherapeutics courses in the
Pharmacy program 106 pdf
Ieva Stupans and Geoff March, University of South Australia

*Mapping student learning throughout the collaborative inquiry process: the progressive e-poster 111 pdf
Kathy Takayama and John Wilson, University of New South Wales

*Fair assessment and blended learning in collaborative group design projects 117 pdf
Richard Tucker and John Rollo, Deakin University

*What, no lectures!: experiences from a blended tablet PC classroom 124 pdf
Barbara White and Jodi Tutty, Charles Darwin University

*Quantum leaps in blended learning: an online project for physics students 131 pdf
Kate Wilson and Paula Newitt, The Australian National University

*Students' learning styles and academic performance in first year chemistry 137 pdf
Alexandra Yeung, Justin Read and Siegbert Schmid, The University of Sydney

Poster Presentations
A blended learning approach to developing students' understanding in academic honesty 143 pdf
Steve Clark and Mark Freeman, The University of Sydney

*Chest Auscultation; easy to learn hard to say. Learning auscultation through multimedia. 146 pdf
Ron Kerr, Charles Sturt University

*Mastering physics? 151 pdf
R. A. Lewis, R. E. M. Vickers and C. A. Freeth, University of Wollongong

*Physics workshop tutorials: views of life-science students 153 pdf
R. A. Lewis, University of Wollongong

*The use of blended learning to teach metabolism 155 pdf
J. O. Macaulay, M. P. Van Damme and K. Z. Walker, Monash University

*Blogging in science and science education 159 pdf
Kaye Placing, Mary-Helen Ward, Mary Peat and Pedro Telleria Teixeira, The University of Sydney

*Mixing knowledge, attitude and experience - teamwork approach in the 1st year undergraduate physics
laboratory 165 pdf
Marian W. Radny and Aime B. Duval, University of Newcastle

*Reflections on context-based science teaching: a case study of physics for students of physiotherapy 169 pdf
Anton Rayner, The University of Queensland

*Providing quality feedback - Where to from here? 173 pdf
P. M. Ross and D. A. Tronson, University of Western Sydney

*WebCT supported preparation for cytology practical classes in veterinary science 177 pdf
Imke Tammen and Paul Sheehy, The University of Sydney

*Contemporary service course students: Who are they? 181 pdf
Margaret Wegener, The University of Queensland

*The influence of student engagement with online pre laboratory work modules on academic performance in first year chemistry 186 pdf
Alexandra Yeung and Siegbert Schmid, The University of Sydney, Roy Tasker and Janine Miller, University of Western Sydney

*Bridging the gap - student understanding and the chemistry bridging course 191 pdf
David Youl, Justin Read, Adrian George, Anthony Masters, Siegbert Schmid, and Michael King, The University of Sydney

An online activity developing student-driven learning in molecular biology 195 pdf
Susan Cossetto and Paula Newitt, The Australian National University

A novel, on-line bioinformatics exercise in genomics 195 pdf
Susan Cossetto, Abby Cuttriss and Barry Pogson, The Australian National University

Teaching generic science skills online to first year biology students 195 pdf
David Kramer, Deakin University

Towards inclusive teaching practice in science education in relation to gender and sexuality 196 pdf
Geoff R. MacFarlane, Gary Ellem and Kevin Markwell, University of Newcastle

Odysseys in Pastryland - a bird's eye view of microevolution 196 pdf
Colin McHenry and Geoff R. MacFarlane, University of Newcastle


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