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Proceedings of the
University Science Teaching and the Web Workshop

April, 17-18, 1998
The University of Sydney

The Proceedings are available as three PDF files:
*webws981.pdf contains the Contents Page & pages 1-14(444 K) About PDF
*webws982.pdf contains pages 15-40(424 K)
*webws983.pdf contains pages 41-61(628 K)
The contents of each file is indicated below.

webws981.pdf (444 K)

Table of Contents

Summary Paper

In the web we still delight (Ian Johnston and Mary Peat)

Invited Papers

Internet-based Teaching and Learning: The Past and the Future (Shirley Alexander)
On-line Engineering Experiences (Geoff Roy and Peter Lee)7

webws982.pdf (424 K)

Workshop Presentations

The Evolution of Computer-based Tutorials Towards Web Delivery (Charlotte Brack, Kristine Elliott, Graham Parslow and Bruce Livett)
An Author Usability Trial for the Networked Assessment Tool (NEST) (Craig Burton and Lorraine Johnston)18
WebMC: A Web-based Multiple Choice Assessment System (James R. Dalziel and Scott Gazzard)25
Exploring the Value of the Web in an Undergraduate Immunology Program (Elizabeth M. Deane)28
Thermal Physics Resources on the Web (Pal Fekete, Brian McInnes and Paul Walker)29
Web-based Protocols for Bioinformatics Education (Bruno A. Gaeta, Kirsten Balding and Timothy Littlejohn)32
Learning Dialogues Using the World Wide Web (David Green)34
ActivPhysics and ActivPad - an Innovative "Webway" of Packaging and Delivering Physics (Suzanne Hogg and Rosemary Penman)38

webws983.pdf (628 K)

Workshop Presentations (continued)

Filling the Role of Staff in Flexibly Delivered Atmospheric Science Practicals (Peter K. Love)
First Year Biology Teaching on the Web: To Lure and Catch the Imagination of the Students (Mary Peat and Sue Franklin)48
Online Resources - A Systematic Solution (Ian Roberts)50
Exploring the Value of Integrating WWW-Chemistry Teaching with the Hawkesbury Shell (Deidre Tronson and Deborah Veness)54

Poster Presentations

A Virtual Resources Room: A Model in Equity, Access and Communication (Sue Franklin, Mary Peat and Rob Mackay-Wood)
Student Responses to the WWW as the Primary Educational Medium in the Classroom (Scott Gazzard and James R. Dalziel)59
Option(s) for Mathematical Notation on the Web (David Green)59
Student-created Hypertexts and the Understanding of Psychology (Stephen Provost)60

Workshop Participants

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