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Proceedings of the
Evaluating the New Teaching Technologies

April, 28, 2000
The University of Sydney

The Proceedings are available as three PDF files:
*entws001.pdf contains the Contents Page & pages 1-19(116 K) About PDF
*entws002.pdf contains pages 20-36(268 K)
*entws003.pdf contains pages 37-55(976 K)
The contents of each file is indicated below.

entws001.pdf (116 K)

Table of Contents

Summary Paper

Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate (Ian Johnston and Mary Peat)1

Invited Papers

Evaluating the New Technologies: A student learning focused perspective (Michael Prosser)3
Evaluating the New Technologies (Ann Sefton)13

entws002.pdf (268 K)

Workshop Presentations

Is it possible to design a relevant syllabus for Level I Chemistry? (Geoffrey T. Crisp)20
Evaluating teaching materials and educational software for their commercial potential: Issues for academics and teachers to consider (James Dalziel)24
Doing it differently in science: An evaluation of the process (Sharon P. Fraser and Elizabeth M. Deane)31
Evaluation of improved outcomes in physics service courses (P. D. Jarvis, J. E. Humble, R. D. Watson, I. A. Newman, E. Chelkowska and S. Stack)34

entws003.pdf (976 K)

Workshop Presentations

Is there a right way to teach physics? (Ian Johnston and Rosemary Millar)37
Innovative teaching of the experimental sciences in regional Queensland (Robert Newby)41
Why am I evaluating this thingummygig? (Mary Peat)51

Workshop Participants

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