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Proceedings of the
Research and Development into University Science Teaching and Learning

April, 20, 2001
The University of Sydney

The Proceedings are available as three PDF files:
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rdws001.pdf (207 K)

Table of Contents

Summary Paper

Science education research (Ian Johnston and Mary Peat)1

Invited Papers

Turning teaching development into research outcomes (Richard Gunstone)3
Improving teaching and learning in undergraduate science: Some research and practice (Marjan Zadnik and Shelley Yeo)12

Pearson Education UniServe Science Teaching Award Invited Paper

Evaluation of MRI Concepts as a teaching and learning resource (Robert Davidson)17

rdws002.pdf (291 K)

Workshop Presentations

APCELL: Developing better ways of teaching in the laboratory (Simon Barrie, Mark Buntine, Ian Jamie and Scott Kable)23
Evaluating constructivist based methods to teach senior undergraduate geoscience classes (Ian Clark, Yvonne Zeegers and Pat James)29
Research into practice: Using molecular representations as a learning strategy in chemistry (Rebecca Dalton, Roy Tasker and Ray Sleet)36
Learning biochemistry in peer groups - a new approach which enhances the student experience (Marian Dobos)47
Learning in laboratory - research on student and staff perceptions (Susan Feteris, Richard Gunstone and David Mills)47
A large scale evaluation of the effectiveness of computer based resources: A research methodology (Sue Franklin, Alison Lewis and Mary Peat)48
Researching the transferability of mathematical skills (Peter New et al.)53
Perceptions of assessment: Do students realise what lecturers are trying to assess? (Judith Pollard and Pat Buckley)58

rdws003.pdf (77 K)

Show-and-Tell/Poster Presentations

VisChem: Building mental models of the molecular world using interactive multimedia (Rebecca Dalton, Roy Tasker and Ray Sleet)62
Animal use in teaching: Implementation of alternatives (Tony Hodge)62
Teaching and learning data analysis in a complex environment (Ken Johnson)63
IT skills of university students in 2001 (Kieran Lim and Amanda Kendle)63
Flexibility and efficiancy in university soil science education: The Oz Soils 3.0 CD-ROM (Peter Lockwood and Heiko Daniel)66
Flexible learning - helping first year physics students make the most of an interactive software package (David Mills, Charles Don and Susan Feteris)68
Sustaining teaching development through research: The lead up to a National Teaching Development Grant (Manjula Sharma et al.)69
The HSC syllabus changeover and first year student experiences in physics and biology (Chris Stewart et al.)71

Workshop Participants

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