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Proceedings of the
Scholarly Inquiry in Flexible Science Teaching and Learning

April, 5, 2002
The University of Sydney

The Proceedings are available as three PDF files:
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*schws002.pdf contains pages 19-74(848 K)
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schws001.pdf (249 K)

Table of Contents

Summary Paper

Scholarly inquiry and flexibility (Ian Johnston and Mary Peat)1

Invited Papers

The science of science teaching and learning (Beryl Hesketh)3
Using role-playing games to teach science (Paul Francis)7

Pearson Education UniServe Science Teaching Award Invited Paper

Developing scholarship through collaboration in an online roleplay-simulation: Mekong eSim, a case study (Denise Kirkpatrick, Robert G. McLaughlan, Holger R. Maier and Philip Hirsch)13

schws002.pdf (848 K)

Symposium Presentations

An evaluation of first year chemistry students: class performance versus use of Internet-based supplementary materials (Danny R. Bedgood Jr)19
ChemCAL Prelabs Online (Bob Charlesworth et al.)25
The effectiveness of the Thai traditional teaching in the introductory physics course: A comparison with the US and Australian approaches (Narumon Emarat et al.)31
Getting bench scientists to the workbench (Sharon Fraser and Elizabeth Deane)38
Using online discussion in teaching undergraduate psychology (W. A. McKenzie)44
Curriculum design innovation in flexible science teaching (Duncan Nulty, Viktor Vegh and Joseph Young)50
Introductory astronomy: setting goals and measuring achievements (John O'Byrne)57
Evaluation of a research based teaching development in first year physics (Kate Wilson et al.)63
Reading statistics (Leigh Wood and Peter Petocz)69

schws003.pdf (310 K)

Show-and-Tell/Poster Presentations

Educational robotics: instructional technology to unify diversity of computing topics into a single cohesive unit (Andrew Chiou)75
Types of projects to facilitate the teaching of educational robotics (Andrew Chiou)77
Teaching In Faculties: Making science relevant for professional degree programs (Anne Fernandez et al.)79
Using the Web to enhance laboratory teaching (Adrian V. George)81
Developing a project laboratory course in chemistry (Grainne Moran)83
Teaching mathematical statistics (M. Shelton Peiris)85
Interactive lecturing using a classroom communication system (Manjula Sharma et al.)87
Learning to teach physics - online (Andrew Cheetham et al.)89
Real and virtual experiential learning on the Mekong: Field schools, esims and cultural challenge (Philip Hirsch, Kate Lloyd and Robert G. McLaughlan)89
Teaching and learning contemporary physics concepts online (Kirsten Hogg, Dean Zollman and Kim Coy)89
A web-based resource for radiation safety courses (R. D. Metcalfe et al.)90
Just how different are they? Learning physics in the wake of the NSW HSC syllabus changeover (Chris Stewart, Manjula Sharma and Michael Prosser)90

Symposium Participants

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