Proceedings of the
Scholarly Inquiry in Flexible Science Teaching and Learning

October 1, 2004
The University of Sydney

ISBN: 1 86487 665 4

The Proceedings are available as five PDF files:
schws001.pdf contains the Contents Page & pages 1-8 (243K)  
schws002.pdf contains pages 9-29 (336K)
schws003.pdf contains pages 30-51 (270K)
schws004.pdf contains pages 52-71 (169K)  
schws005.pdf contains pages 72-91 (173K)  

The contents of each file is indicated below.

schws001.pdf Pages 1 - 8
  Keynote Speaker
Towards a second generation of e-learning 1
Shirley Alexander, University of Technology, Sydney

Pearson Education Science Teaching Award Invited Paper
*A novel, online, interactive, problem-based approach to learning oncology 2
Laura C. Batmanian, The University of Sydney

schws002.pdf Pages 9 - 29

Symposium Presentations
*Teaching technology using educational robotics 9
Andrew Chiou, Central Queensland University

*What factors contribute to students' confidence in chemistry laboratory sessions and does preparation in a virtual laboratory help? 15
Barney Dalgarno, Andrea G. Bishop Danny R. Bedgood Jr., and William Adlong, Charles Sturt University,
Wagga Wagga

Ignoring the web?: Use of learning resources by psychology and biology students 22
Gail Huon, Branka Spehar, Paul Adam and Will Rifkin, The University of New South Wales

*AUTC Physics Project: learning outcomes and curriculum development 24
A. Mendez, M.D. Sharma, B. James, D. Mills, J. Pollard, L. Kirkup, M. Livett, R. Newbury, M. Zadnik and
M. Prosser, AUTC Physics Project

schws003.pdf Pages 30 - 51

*Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) in first year chemistry and statistics courses: insights and evaluations 30
Valda Miller Elwyn Oldfield and Michael Bulmer, The University of Queensland

*Statistics-worse than a poke in the eye? 36
Peter Petocz and Anna Reid, Macquarie University

Science learning environment-outside-class experience: design, evaluation and challenge 42
Marian W. Radny, The University of Newcastle

*Students' perceptions of their understanding in Chemistry 1 for Veterinary Science 45
Justin Read, Adrian George, Anthony Masters, and Mike King, The University of Sydney

schws004.pdf Pages 52 -71

*Towards conceptual understanding: bringing research findings into the lecture theatre in tertiary science teaching 52
Pauline M. Ross and Deidre Tronson, University of Western Sydney

*Developing the courage to be incompetent 58
Carol J. Steiner, Central Queensland University

Visualising the science of genomics: cognitive and social interactions that promote learning in an online collaborative research project 65
Kathy Takayama, The University of New South Wales

schws005.pdf Pages 72 - 91

Poster Presentations
The role of the scientist-practitioner model in the teaching of psychology: preliminary results from the AUTC funded project Learning Outcomes and Curriculum Development in Psychology 72
Greg Hannan, Frances Martin, Gerry Farrell, Denise Chalmers, Ottmar Lipp, Deborah Terry, Debra Bath,
Peter Wilson and Stephen Provost, AUTC Project

Laboratory-based teaching and learning: developing quality assurance processes 74
Ian Jamie, Peter Karuso, Dale Scott and Sharon Fraser, Macquarie University

Learning statistics in first year by active participating students 76
Shelton Peiris and Tai Peseta, The University of Sydney

*A comparison of student usage of traditional versus ICT learning resources in the Life Sciences 80
Rosanne Quinnell, Elizabeth May and Hilary Lloyd, The University of Sydney

Exam script analysis-A powerful tool for identifying misconceptions 85
Justin Read, Adrian George, Anthony Masters, and Mike King, The University of Sydney

Finding the right words-a systematic approach to word selection for a special purpose science dictionary 87
T. Winchester-Seeto, A.A Jones, H.J Caldon and E. Deane, Macquarie University

Peer pressure and performance: meaningful team work 89
Shaun Roman and Eileen McLaughlin, University of Newcastle

An investigative Laboratory Program in First Year Chemistry -Experience and Outcomes 89
Grainne Moran, Julian Cox, Brenda Tronson and Neil Duffy, University of New South Wales

How do introductory psychology texts present science, and the scientist-practitioner model? 90
Stephen Provost, Southern Cross University, Debra Bath, Griffith University, Frances Martin, University of Tasmania, Ottmar Lipp, University of Queensland, Greg Hannan, University of Tasmania, Peter O'Connor, Denise Chalmers, University of Queensland, Gerry Farrell, University of Tasmania, Peter Wilson, Southern Cross University and Deborah Terry, University of Queensland

AUTC Biotechnology Educators' Network 90
Will Rifkin, The University of New South Wales

The University of Newcastle's solution to the dwindling number of Science and Engineering students: Enlarge the pool 91
T.W. Burns, The University of Newcastle

Group Projects in Ecology Foster a Deep Learning Approach 91
Geoff MacFarlane, The University of Newcastle